Dillon Forst
Mar 6, 2017

What Gear are you using? ( Inertia's Recording Process )


Hello everyone, my name is Dillon Forst , I sing and songwrite for Inertia. We are very much all musicians here in Inertia, I myself have been playing the drums since I was 13 years old, piano since I was 18 and vocals and guitar over the past 4 years.


The equipment used on the record was a long list and I'll do my best to name all of it. We used an Axe Fx II for the Bass and Guitars, a Kat III Electronic Drumkit ran through Reaper, Logic Pro Xand Superior Drummer 2.0 and a Neumann U87 to track the vocals through Logic Pro X.


We have a Stave Walnut 5 piece Drumkit, a 5 piece Birch Marine Pearl Drum kit, a Mapex selection of Drum Kits, Various Oak, Maple and Acrylic Snare Drums, Ltd guitars, Fender Telecasters, Gibson Guitars, Ibanez bass guitars ,Yamaha Piano's and Keyboards and various Blue Microphones.


What kind of equipment are you all using? We want to hear it and see it so please post photos and videos for everyone in our community to see.


Here's a photo of one of our home studios ( this is my home studio ).

Since this photo I have many more band posters and flags hung up and some awesome sound monitors.